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Who We Are: The Harmony Business Association is comprised of business owners and managers from Harmony Borough and the surrounding area. We are a passionate and dedicated group, whose mission is bringing customers to our businesses and letting the world know just how much Harmony and the surrounding areas have to offer.

What We Do: Through active collaboration and a strong sense of civic pride, the HBA encourages business growth, supports local concerns, promotes individual businesses and the community, as well as organizing and sponsoring numerous events.

Meetings: Join us at our 6:30 meetings on the first Thursday of the following months. February, April, June, August, October and December. email us for locations at: [email protected]

Promoting and Sharing

See What Harmony Has to Offer

For a small town, we have a thriving business association that actively promotes its members, events and programs to bring people into Harmony. 

This Is Our Passion

Each of the business owners has a great love for our town and its people.   The community, both local and extended, as supported the growth and events in Harmony.   It is a fantastic place to visit and to live.   

Come out and experience Harmony for yourself!

The History

You’ll discover a lot of incredible history in Harmony. This quaint village of old brick and log buildings is one of Western PA’s most historically important places and its first National Landmark District. Harmony was founded in 1804 by the Harmony Society of German Lutheran Separatists who were seeking religious freedom. They quickly became 19th century America’s most successful communal group.

The Harmonists, who believed Christ’s return was imminent, adopted celibacy to remain spiritually pure, but also assuring the group’s eventual demise. When the Harmonists sold the town and 6,000 acres to “second founder” Mennonite blacksmith Abraham Ziegler in 1815, Mennonite families led the area’s resettlement.

A half-century before Harmony’s founding there was a Delaware Indian village at the site, Murdering Town, visited by George Washington during his 1753 mission that sparked the French & Indian War. Nearby, the war’s first shot was fired at Washington by a “French Indian.”

Source:  Butler Country Tourism & Convention Bureau